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Product information for paper towel and toilet roll holders

Like us, our products don't like any harsh chemicals. A simple dust or wipe with a clean cloth will do the trick!


Product information for wall hangings


Part of being a conscious business means we do not believe in excess in any form so that we can reduce our impact on the planet. For this reason, we do not stock excess product. Once we receive an order we will print, sew, pack and post your wall hanging to you. We aim to produce your wall hanging within 10 business days and have your hanging delivered to you within 14-21 business days (when freight and postage is running at optimal speed).

Please email us at if you require an urgent delivery and we will speed up the process where possible.

return & exchange

Please read the Product Information below before purchasing any product. It is important to understand that you are purchasing a natural product that is subject to imperfections.

However if your product has any defaults please email us at and we will be happy to exchange or refund on return. 

non-toxic inks

As we firmly believe in minimalising our footprint wherever we can we use water based inks in our printing process. The pigment inks are free from heavy duty dyes and chemicals.     

natural fabrics

Natural textiles are prone to imperfections, such as tiny knots, called slubs and neps, in the cotton’s woven structure, generated during the weaving process. Occasionally slubs and neps may affect the printing process. They are a part of the charm of a natural product.

Wall hangings are typically produced on thick, rigid fabrics and sit flat against a wall. Our linen wall hangings are natural and organic and proud to be so! They aren’t rigid, they have a flow and ripple to them. Embrace each wall hangings own natural uniqueness with their slubs and neps and flow.

quality control

As all wall hangings are produced on order and handled by a small team we inspect every item individually. Whilst allowing for small natural imperfections that enhance character we are very fussy about how our product looks and feels. We do give you our personal assurance that your product is hand checked and passes our strict quality control checks.    

We do not recommend washing your wall hanging however should the need arise we strongly recommend a gentle, cold hand wash and drip dry. Use a gentle, phosphate-free detergent. Do not rub or ring.
Because of the nature of natural and organic fabrics there are small fibres and slubs in the fabric that can lift the print in tiny spots with washing and general wear. Please follow washing instructions to minimise this effect.

All fabrics are highly lightfast and will not fade easily in the sun. However constant direct sunlight will affect your print over a long period of time.

Fabrics will fade up to 10% with washing, wear and tear.

One of the beautiful features of our wall hangings is that they're designed to be folded and packed for easy, earth friendly, cost effective postage straight to you. This gives you limitless options on how you would like to hang your piece of art.
Here are some ideas below..
One. Thread a piece of bamboo, cane or dowel into the top and bottom pockets of the hanging allowing approximately 10cm of extra length either side of your wall hanging. Then simply place the rod across two nails or screws placed either side of the fabric.

Two. For a seamless look use a flat timber framing length cut to the same width of your wall hanging. Place one in each of the top and bottom pockets of the hanging. Nail frame hangers to the back of the top timber framing. Follow the package directions for the number of frame hangers required for the weight of your wall hanging.

Three. Stretch your fabric over a frame or mount within a frame. You may like to enlist the help of a professional framer here.

Four. Simply pin to your wall for a more organic, flowing effect.

Please Note. The bottom pocket of your wall hanging is to allow for a bottom timber length to be inserted to weight the wall hanging so that it remains straight. The bottom timber can be cut flush with your hanging so it is seamless or can extrude to match an extruding timber at the top.