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SoulScape Vintage Forest Wall Hanging

Take a deep breath and step into the foothills of majestic mountains. This beautiful shot of the forest as the rising sun hits the horizon evokes a warm and earthy feeling with a wistfulness that instantly calms and relaxes. Earthy in colour, this hanging sits well with neutrals, greens, browns, oranges and black.

140cm x 210cm

PLEASE NOTE: Rod not included. Linen hangings come with pockets sewn top and bottom to allow for rod of your choice. One of the great features of our wall hangings is that they're designed to be folded and packed for easy, earth friendly, cost effective postage straight to you. This gives you limitless options of how you would like to hang your piece of art. Please visit our product information page for some ideas on how to hang. Allow approximately 21 days for shipping.